WAC Polar Plunge Meet Sign Up

    Hi Racers,

    Happy New Year, hope everyone has been having a good winter break. 

    It is time to sign up for the WAC Polar Plunge. This meet takes place Jan 25-26 at CSAC in town here. This is the last regular short course meet of the season. 

  • All 12 & under swimmers will swim in the A.M. sessions 
  • • All 13 & over swimmers will swim in the P.M. sessions. 
  • • Distance Sessions will start 15 minutes after the conclusion of the afternoon session 
  • but not before 3:15 P.M. Swimmers must provide their own timers and lap counters.
  • Swimmers may enter a maximum of 4 individual event(s) and 1 relay event(s) per day
  • Individual events: $6.50, Swimmer surcharge: $2.50 per person (entered in the meet in any capacity
  •  Please send me your entries by Saturday, January 4th at 8:00 pm. I know this is a quick turn around but I just received the meet file and we need to get these entries in to guarantee our spot in the meet. 

    I have attached the eligibility report and the meet invite, please refer to the event schedule at the end of the invite.


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