757 Fall Fiesta Meet Sign Up

    Hi Racers,

    Time to sign up for our second meet of the season, the Fall Fiesta hosted by 757 in Williamsburg. The meet is Saturday & Sunday, October 26-27. You can swim both days or one day, it is up to you. The venue is near the big outlet mall in Williamsburg so less than an hour from Richmond. The 12 and under swimmers will swim in the morning session and the 13 and over will swim in the early afternoon session.

    Location: WISC Aquatic Center 5700 Warhill Trail, Williamsburg, VA 23188

    Entries: Swimmers may enter up to 5 individual events each day. I suggest 3 a day.                    I need entries by 10/9 and 7:00 pm. You can email me your entries or I have                  also put a sign up sheet at the pool.

    Fees: $6 per event, $2.50 swimmer surcharge

    General Info:    Meet programs will be sold.                                                                                               Concessions will be available during the meet.                                                                 Discounted Fun Zone rate will be available for swimmers and families.                           Visit the www.thewisc.com for more information on the Fun Zone. •

     Parking will be in the main lot our front of the Williamsburg Indoor Sports Complex. Parents and swimmers may walk thru/around the WISC to the separate WISC Aquatic Center located behind the Williamsburg Indoor Sports Complex. 

    Lawn/deck chairs will be permitted in designated areas

    I have attached the eligibility report and the meet invite with the schedule of events (on the last few pages). Please respond with entries (name, event number and description) by 10/9/19 at 7:00 pm. You can also circle events on the sign up at the pool. Please let me know if you have any questions.


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