Announcing - 2019 VSI Awards Celebration at KD

    Racers -

    The 2018-19 VA Swimming Awards Celebration will be held, Sat. Sept. 21st at Kings Dominion.  Enjoy a day at the park with Racer teammates and other swimmers from across Virginia.  A buffet lunch is offered for those interested, and a presentation and autograph session with Olympian Townley Haas.  The attached flyer presents more information and costs for this event.

    Our Racer team has traditionally gone as a small group and have coordinated our own lunch at the picnic tables outside the park.  The banquet can be long and kids just want to be in the park anyway.  All interested in attending, please let me know via email.  We will process payment though your escrow account, and make payment to VSI as a team.  Deadline for registration is Friday September 6th that we can get our team registration in on time.

    Any questions about registration or the different costs, please reply as it can be confusing.  Season pass holders, there is no charge.  The fee is for the banquet only.

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