9-12 Year Old Champs Info for this weekend

    Hi Racers,

    Warm ups for this weekend are as follows:

    11/12 Year Olds: Friday, Saturday and Sunday   7:25

    9/10 Year Olds:  Friday  11:55

                               Saturday 12:40

                                Sunday   11:55

    Finals: Warm ups are at 5

    We also need timers for this weekend. We only need to fill one spot in Lane 10 in each prelim session. I have made a sign up, please follow the link to sign up.


    I have copied and pasted the letter from NOVA with some information for the weekend. Looks like it will pretty crowded at the prelim sessions so get there early. I have also attached the timeline and the map for parking along with the entries for the weekend. Make sure you get a heat sheet so you can write your swimmer's events, heats and lanes on their hands.

    Hello Teams,

    We are gearing up for a second great weekend of swimming and hope to provide the best environment possible. The NOVA Aquatic Center is a fast pool, but limited in deck space. The swimmer numbers for several preliminary sessions prompt crowd control measures that we need to pass along to make the experience as enjoyable as possible for swimmers, spectators, coaches and officials.

    Please pass these points of emphasis along to your members before the weekend.

    Deck Space: Preliminary sessions will be very crowded and we will need as much space as possible in the facility for seating.

    o No “camp out” approach when setting up your area on deck for this meet.

    o We have found that aligning your chairs in rows around the deck allows for maximum capacity.

    o Bring a backup chair or two if the bleachers fill up.

    o Limiting spectators who come along to watch the meet will be beneficial.

    Once 11-12 swimmers have completed preliminary events, we respectfully ask that families head for home. This will free up space for the 9-10 participants both in the parking lot and on deck.

    9-10 session swimmers: please do not arrive early for your session – there will not be room!


    o Please consider carpooling to the meet, especially for all preliminary sessions.

    o Friday there will be no overflow parking available however Saturday and Sunday there is overflow parking located at the following locations:

    § Saturday & Sunday: Portions of the lot at the brick office building at the corner of Gayton and Cambridge and the parking lot directly bordering the Academy of Academic Excellence School.

    §Sunday ONLY: We will be sharing the office building parking lot with the Divine World Changers Church. Refer to the “Green” section for meet parking on the attached map. If cars are parked in the Church lot – THEY WILL BE TOWED. The school parking lot will again be available.

    o There is no parking at the dentist office next door, the residential properties across the street or the Crofton Green Shopping Center (Daddios & 7-11). Also, there is no parking in the NOVA lot in fire lanes or on the grass.

    o Cars parked in these areas will be towed. There will be parking lot attendants to assist for all preliminary sessions.

    o We have attached a Meet Parking map that we request you also share with your members.

    There are several areas off limits to spectators marked with signage and chains. Primarily, they are behind the starting blocks and around exit and office doors.

    • There will be extra meet marshals, meet directors and lifeguards available to help with any issues and enforce these policies. Remember they are volunteers and are simply trying to help move the meet along smoothly.

    Please bring any concerns to our attention – we are happy to help. Again, we are looking forward to a great weekend of swimming and thank you in advance for helping make that happen!

    Attached is the Parking Map, warm-up schedule, psych sheet, timer assignments and timelines for the weekend.

    Lori & Drew


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