BASS Turkey Classic Sign Up

    Hi Racers,

    I've waited as long as I can to send this out because I didn't want to have 3 sign ups out there at once. It is time to sign up for the Turkey Classic taking place 11/17-11/18 at CSAC. 

    The 11 and up swimmers will swim in the morning and the 10 and under swimmers will swim in the afternoon. 

    Meet entries are $6.50 each and $2.50 fee for each swimmer. Swimmers can swim 4 individual events per day, though I suggest limiting it to 3 swims. There are also relays.

    Please see the attached eligibility report and the attached meet invite to see the schedule of events.  Please send me your entries by Tuesday, 10/30 at 7:00 pm. Please include swimmer's name, event numbers and event description. Also include if they are available for relays.

    I will be out of town over the weekend so if I don't respond to questions right away, I will get to them.


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