Long Course Schedule

    We are happy to post our meet schedule for the upcoming Long Course season.  Please take the time to review and plan your spring and summer schedules.

    For our new Racer families, allow me a minute to explain a few things as we transition into the Long Course season that might ease any reservations of ongoing participating.

    • Your Richmond Racers membership has not ended with the recent Short Course Champs. Membership is good through August 2018 and all are encouraged to continue practicing and competing along with us. Registration for 2018-19 will occur again in September.
    • All Richmond Racers are eligible to participate in Long Course. This short season consists of four meets, approx. 1 per month, May through July, including Champs meet.
    • With Long Course format, the minimum distance for each event is 50 meters and is swum as one (1) lap of the pool – no turn. Minimum IM is a 200 meter event. Picture the CSAC facility (where we have fun meets and many US meets) with the middle deck removed.
    • While the length can look intimidating at first, our kids swim up to a mile at practice each day. Trust us, they can make it to the end of the lane.
    • Especially for our younger swimmers who are aging up to swim 50’s this summer, this is a great format to compete at this distance without the stress of a turn.
    • With Summer Swim team at neighborhood pools beginning, our Racer participation typically does drop off; but our coaching and administrative support for the program remains the same. This is a great opportunity for your swimmer to get more individual attention from our coaches as our lane space frees up.
    • If swimming for your summer swim team, Coach Mike encourages all Racers to come to at least one (1) Racers practice per week to maintain the competitive stamina and technique that summer swim may not sustain.
    • It is perfectly fine to practice with your summer team and compete with both the Racers and summer swim, and vice versa.

      This all said – We encourage every Racer family to TRY at least one (1) Long Course meet. The highlight of our Long Course season is the meet in Waynesboro in June. This meet is an outdoor venue, surrounded by beautiful mountains and streams.During and after the competition, participating families are known to enjoy picnics in the park by the pool, local fishing and hiking, camaraderie at many area breweries and wineries, local ice cream treats, and evening go-carting. Ask any of our coaches or board members about this fun Racer experience. It is worth the trip.

      As always, reply with any questions, and KEEP ON SWIMMING.

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